For Kids
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Match the word to its definition.

BOOTS What a wild horse does
BUCK Where cowboys pitch their tents
CAMP What a cowboy wears on his head
CHARLIE What a cowboy wears on his feet
CHIEF The food cowboys eat
CHOW A man who herds cattle
COWBOY Russell's first name
HAT The leader of the Indian tribe
HERD What cowboys ride
HORSE Big Nose George
OUTLAW A group of cows
PELT What cowboys and Indians smoke together
PEACE PIPE A cowboy weapon
RIFLE The skin of an animal
ROBE What Charlie wore instead of a belt
RUSSELL What an Indian sometimes wears
SADDLE The artist last name
SADDLEBAG The seat on a horse
SASH What is used to catch small animals
SCULL Where Cowboy Charlie wanted to live
SIGN Where Charlie stored his paints
TRAP How Indians sometimes talk
WEST Part of Cowboy Charlie's signature

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