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Find my articles "A place of history," page 6, "Sharing the fun", page 8 and "See it, hear it..." page 6 of the special section in the Fall 2010 issue of Rocky Mountain Senior. In the next issue, I'll suggest holiday events of interest and a Senior Moment. Free magazines are found in various locations including libraries.

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The October 2010 issue of Rocky Mountain Parent includes my article called "Cozy Mountain Retreats." Check it out on page 4 of the special section "Winter fit and fun." The free magazine can be found at many locations including libraries, Doctor/Dentists offices, museums, and grocery stores.

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The Lyons Recorder newspaper published several of my articles including one on Haunted Houses on Thursday, October 28th. I write for them every other week.

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The Fall issue of Be Magazine published my article on Front Range Wineries. You can find the free magazine at libraries and King Soopers grocery stores.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book of Miracles came out September 21st, 2010. My story is "Empty Nest," page 62.  However, if you look in the table of contents you won't find my name. It is an "as told to" story and the author is listed as Elaine Hanson, the person who told me the story. Chicken Soup changed the way they list authors with an "as told to" story. Strange because I get paid.

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One grandmother shares her idea to encourage reading, but most of all, to keep grandparents in the minds of grandchildren - a Book-of-the-Month Club.

When our three-year-old twin granddaughters moved to another state, I wanted to keep our relationship flourishing. Up until then I knew what to buy them for gifts. But after they moved away, I began to wonder, what can I get the kids?

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My daughter-in-law’s mother, Norma, and I sat side-by-side at the table after the baby shower luncheon and watched Chris open gifts for our expected twin grandsons. Norma leaned toward my ear and whispered, “We live so far away. How will these babies ever know Mike and me?” Norma and Mike live in Chicago, their daughter in Evergreen, Colorado.

Our twin granddaughters, Lina and Leilani, have the same dilemma. Their other grandparents live in New Zealand. The girls miss them and want to show they aren’t forgotten. What can they do? Several years ago, our son called. During the conversation he mentioned that our 2-year-old grandson loved to watch the computer screen saver. “Are there any pictures of us?” I asked.

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Moving Your Family - What You Can Do Before, During and After to Make for Smooth Transitions PDF Print E-mail

Whether you move across town or across the country, use some of these tips to make your move less stressful and more fun - for you and your children.

A household move can be traumatic for any age child. "Children take great pleasure in mastering their environment. Being moved disrupts all that," notes developmental pediatrician Peter Gorski, M.D.

Yet, each year, one out of every five American families with school-age children moves, according to several federal agencies. So what can you do to make a move less stressful and more fun for your children?

Here's how my husband and I handled five moves in 12 years with our sons. Our youngest son followed our examples and also came up with some of his own strategies when he moved his young twins four times in six years.

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